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In the last few years, so many people have been making a switch from raw diets to clean eating. This is because they have realized the benefits that clean eating has to offer to the human body. Clean eating is not just a diet; instead, it is a lifestyle of eating that emphasizes the type and quality of food you eat.

In clean eating, the emphasis is not on how much or when you eat but on the quality and type of food you consume. 

Clean eating puts you in charge of what goes into your body which must be of high quality, whole, organic as opposed to raw diets that are filled with pesticides, harmful chemicals and produced in massive factories if you’re not mindful of where your food is coming from and the length of time your produce takes to get to you. This is known as food miles. Raw diets are often whole and organic uncooked and unprocessed, sugars, and foods to avoid ingredients that could harm the body and lead to different types of medical conditions like obesity, cancer, lower energy level, diabetes and many more. 

People who follow raw food diets believe that these raw foods can improve their health and overall well-being. However, raw food diets can be low in calories, they are less nutritious without the right research, leading to a risk of nutritional deficiency, and they are also expensive to purchase. Therefore, doing your research and consulting with a healthcare professional is crucial for knowing how you can fuel your body with the food it needs. Finding the right communities on Facebook to support the journey I am on has helped hold me accountable, and it may be able to help you as well.

Clean eating as a lifestyle implies that you will eat foods that are highly dense in vitamins, minerals, high-quality protein plant-based or not, and healthy fats. These foods do not only help in weight management, but they also improve the brain and heart health and build a stronger immune system. 

 In the past, one significant challenge that has been faced by confectionery companies is how to make a switch to clean and healthy eating. Before now, sugar and unhealthy fats were what mattered in most cakes, chocolates, and other confectionery products.  However, with the increased awareness of the importance of clean eating and the demand by customers for products that have less fat, sugar, and salt; so many confectionary companies are developing new substitutes for these unhealthy ingredients, including environmentally friendly products.  Manufacturers are now offering their customers healthy snack options and are also making changes to their existing recipes. Most of them now provide clean, all-natural and dense nutritional snacks. 

They are also reducing sugar content in their products and eliminating genetically modified ingredients, artificial colours, pesticides, preservatives, and growth hormones. Some are making use of sweet treats with added benefits. Others are relying on simple snacks like chocolate-covered fruits. The use of dark chocolate combined with blueberries and cranberries with an explanation of its natural health benefits add to your body, where these treats originate from and how they affect you and your family. 5 BENEFITS OF CLEAN EATING

Clean eating offers many benefits to the human body, and some of these benefits include: 

●       More energy and boosts the immune system: Eating clean and healthy snacks or foods that are devoid of unhealthy fat, sugar, salt, and other ingredients nourishes your body and makes you feel energized at all times. Healthy foods are rich in vitamins, iron, protein, fibres that help you fight fatigue, which occurs after eating raw diets. It is a well-known fact that a strong immune system helps to fight off diseases and other types of infections, and healthy foods are powerful boosters of the immune system. They infuse the body with minerals, vitamins and phytochemical compounds that help to halt cell damage and put an end to inflammation while providing support to the immune system. 

●       Improved cardiovascular health: Clean eating also supports long term health and lowers the risk of all types of cardiovascular diseases and harmful cholesterol. Foods that are rich in vitamin C and other nutrients help to build blood vessels and reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. Research has shown that raw diets are low in sugar, saturated fats. However, clean eating boosts your intake of antioxidants, which help in fighting cancerous growths in the human body.

●       Weight loss and better mental health: Research has shown that most people lose weight when they switch to clean eating. So many conditions that are associated with obesity can be reversed by going clean. Eating foods that are dense with vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and antioxidants help to reduce your cravings and enable you to lose weight without feeling hungry. Apart from weight loss, clean eating also boosts your mental health. Some of the nutrients in this diet support good mental health and helps you get over depression, anxiety, or moodiness. 

●       Makes you happier with healthier skin: When you eat healthy foods, you are also feeding your skin. This helps your skin look beautiful and young. Healthy foods contain antioxidants that leave you with glowing skin. If you choose clean eating as a lifestyle, you are reducing your exposure to foods that sabotage your skin. Also, people who eat healthier are happier because they have attained more energy.

●       Environmentally Conscious Alternatives: Clean eating also includes replacing plastic items with reusable glass or stainless-steel containers in the home things such as plastic water bottles, food containers, grocery shopping bags and many more, also reducing waste along with purchasing locally produced foods or planting your own, keeping up to date with in-season produce that is rich in nutrients for you.

Finally, it is vital to note that clean eating can be seen as a lifestyle rather than a strategy for weight loss. The clean eating diets initiate the conversation of environmental awareness. It requires you to ask questions, testing your knowledge on what you know about your food community and how much you and others impact the overall health of the planet. The truth remains that many foods considered to be clean are rich in calories, which will not help you shed that extra fat. Instead, it would help if you embraced this lifestyle due to the benefits it offers. Clean eating does not only keep you energized, but it also builds your mental health, increases your energy level, boosts your immune system, can help your body fight cancerous growth while leaving yours with beautiful skin.

Feel free to comment below on what you know or your journey on clean eating and raw diets.

Try my clean eating Persimmon & Cranberry Jam Recipe. You can add no sugar at all to this recipe.

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