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Strawberries and Plant-based Cream

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

A healthy snack that is easy to make and a great snack for any occasion!

organic vs non organic strawberries
Strawberry Picking

This recipe is my favourite summer snack that I can make ahead of time when things are busy, and I am constantly on the go.

Strawberries and cream taste great with my favourite coconut whisk crapes and pancake mix, homemade vanilla ice cream, plain vanilla cake, and so much more. It is a snack that is amazing on its own, and you're just craving a light snack.

Every summer, my husband and I take the kids to farms all around Ontario and strawberry picking is one of my favourite places to bring them.

Black family strawberry picking
My family at the Linton’s Farm in June 2020

It gives my kids a chance to build a relationship with food to understand where food really comes from and learn that countless recipes can be used to create delicious food at home. Like strawberry ice cream, milk, and you guessed it, strawberries and cream!

Linton's Farm Market is located in North Oshawa. They have been around for over 50 years selling more than just strawberry items like homegrown vegetables and fruit, cheese, honey, maple syrup, jams, preserves, and lots more. This farm's strawberry picking season opens in June and is part of Ontario's Berry Growers Association, where you can find more of Ontario's berry farmers.

Here is my strawberry and non-dairy cream recipe: Oil-Free, No-Bake/Raw, Vegan, and Yup Plant-Based!

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