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Updated: May 31, 2021

It’s officially hot cocoa Season! Or pumpkin spice latte season, depending on what you really enjoy! For some, the beginning of fall is time to pull out all your cozy sweaters and sweatpants if you haven’t already been wearing them all year-'round. This year has been different because of Covid 19; most of us have been isolated for months at home, only going to the places we need to, like grocery stores, pharmacies, or dropping off the essentials for other loved ones. As we prepared for September’s return and back to school, Covid - 19 left many questions in the air. Whether it was online or in person, many of us are still left with the anxious feeling of the best choice for our child/children and if we are doing what is best as a community to keep them safe. Watching the rising number of Covid- 19 cases, the best thing you can do as a parent is to stay informed and up to date with your child’s school newsletters and announcements. You can also continue to remind your kids of all the safety essentials like washing your hands, wearing masks, and social distancing around others. I decided to take my kids on a trip to an organic farm. Paying attention to how they follow the rules and reminding them is about protecting themselves and protecting others around them.


September and October is the perfect time for picking apples; it is a great way to spend time with your family regardless of your family's age. Organics Farm has a beautiful apple orchard with various apples: Honeycrisp, Sweet Sixteen, Spartan, Prima. Apples are a part of the dirty dozen, which means you should buy organic apples whenever possible because there are little to no pesticides used in the process. There was enough space between the aisle to the social distance at the farm, and I encouraged the kids to keep their masks on during the whole trip. The apples are reachable for the kids, making it more fun for them to inspect each apple. You can encourage them to look for the best apples with little or no bruising, no holes, and are ripe because once you pick them, the ripening process stops. Here is another tip; try not to shake or pull the tree; other apples may fall instead; gently inspect each apple, then remove the stem from the branch to avoid dropping the rest of the apples on the tree.

🍎Check Out The Slide Above For Photos Of Our Trip 🍏 Organics Farm had a market where you could purchase local goodies in-store. They also had a wood-fire bakery with freshly baked apple pies, apple crumble, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and cheese pizzas. My kids insisted we buy an apple pie, which they devoured! I will definitely be returning to Organics Farm. The highlight for me was the apple picking. It was nice spending time outside in the fresh air with my family. I have a ton of apples to make applesauce with and maybe some apple tarts as well.

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